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Southern Maryland Inundated

Mid-tide; still several hours yet to rise -- Ridge, Maryland (October 2015)Sony a6000 + 10-18mm

Mid-tide; still several hours yet to rise — Ridge, Maryland (October 2015)
Sony a6000 + 10-18mm

This was in the afternoon yesterday, mid-way through the incoming tide.  It was a field planted with a winter crop of some sort, but the rising salt water is certain to have killed it (the land here is usually several feet above the high-water mark).  Much of the low-lying areas around the southern tip of Maryland were scenes of extremely high tides for the past few days, compounded by an easterly wind that stacked Bay water even higher onto the flats.  Thankfully Hurricane Joaquin bypassed us, or the flooding would have been devastating.

8 thoughts on “Southern Maryland Inundated

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Fortunately we don’t have real estate down there — just a small sailboat, which we had hauled out of the water as soon as we learned that the Chesapeake Bay was an early target.


  1. Jay E.

    Same for us here in eastern NC – we had almost a week or more of rain, the Joaquin threatened to hit. Mercifully, it moved off course, but we’re still flooding – in fact, the schools are closed today (so I have an unexpected day off).


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