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Nominate Exploratorius for the 2015 Mobbies


Every year the Baltimore Sun awards the top blogs in Maryland (for those of you bloggers that reside outside of Maryland — sorry!), and this year is no different.  Last year I didn’t place at all because I missed the nomination date, though in 2013 I placed 31st out of 33 in the Personal Blog category and 18th out of 20 in the Photography Blog category — and that was with no knowledge of the event!  Let’s see if we can change that this year, shall we?

Anyone from all over globe is allowed to participate in the selection process and you may place your nominations here (no signup or password required).  The categories that my site qualifies for are Best Photo Blog, Best Personal Blog, Best Suburbs Blog for certain, and maybe Most Influential Blog, and Best Uncategorized Blog.  For those that just want to copy-and-paste, there are two text fields that need the following information:

Vote early and vote often, as the polls are open until October 30th!

Many thanks in advance.

13 thoughts on “Nominate Exploratorius for the 2015 Mobbies

  1. clickclickmycat

    I nominated your blog for Best Personal Blog. Ok? I don’t live in Maryland, so is that alright? It said submissions must be approved by a moderator before appearing on this page. Just letting you know. Good Luck!


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