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Video Link: REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K Ultra High Definition



This was captured with the older Sony a7S camera, requiring the use of an external monitor and 4K recorder.  It’s replacement, the brand new Sony a7S II that was announced in September, has even better low-light performance (ISO 409600!) and the ability to record the 4K video internally, without the need for an external monitor and recorder.

The astounding low-light capabilities of these cameras always gives me pause; I know that they are highly optimized for the video crowd, but they sure do a good job with stills as well (check out images from the older Sony a7S on Flickr here).  My only real issue with either of them is that their resolution is so low — just 12 megapixels.  However, it’s not like I’m printing huge images of my photos for viewing at large-scale.


On the other hand, this is a physically larger mirrorless camera (at least bigger than the Sony APS-C camera offerings I’ve been using for the past several years, though not as big as the new Leica SL that was introduced a couple of days ago)  — which also means more weight, at a time when I’m looking to keep my kit quite small and light.  And it means yet more lenses to buy (again, larger and heavier), when I already have a vested interest in the glass (small and light) that I presently own.

So I think I’ll pass for now, but if they ever get that low-light technology into the size of a small point-and-shoot camera…

8 thoughts on “Video Link: REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K Ultra High Definition

  1. A // W // F

    Ohmygoodness Mitch … The whole time I watched this video, I just sat there covering my open mouth with one hand. I’ve never seen the Northern Lights before, or a video for that matter.

    Truly awe-inspiring. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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