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Don’t Disturb the Hunters

Local pond -- Central Maryland (October 2015)Sony RX100 IV + 1.8-2.8/24-70mm

Local pond — Central Maryland (October 2015)
Sony RX100 IV + 1.8-2.8/24-70mm

This is the only shot I got in last Saturday; we had unwittingly stumbled into the area where some local hunters were hunkered down to wait for some ducks.  Their dog took a strong liking to Cindy, the owner couldn’t get it back under voice control and broke cover to retrieve the dog, etc.  They were not pleased.

We apologized for disturbing them, beat a hasty retreat to the car, and left.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Disturb the Hunters

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Yep, angry hunters with guns are nothing to mess with.

      Many years ago — about a mile away from the same place, oddly enough, and almost the same time of day as well — we had a hunter shoot his rifle three feet from the driver’s window of our pick-up truck. Dunno why, as we had done absolutely nothing to provoke him and we were inside the vehicle at the time.

      We drove a safe distance away and called the cops, though he was long gone by the time they showed up.


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