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Winter Hike

Wolf Rock -- Thurmont, Maryland (January 2015)Leica M3 + Arista 100 + Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 ASPH II

Wolf Rock — Thurmont, Maryland (January 2015)
Leica M3 + Arista 100 + Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 ASPH II

20 thoughts on “Winter Hike

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      I do my best with all the myriad steps of the photography process; gear, composition, exposure, processing (in the case of film, like this image), and digital darkroom post-processing.

      That’s not to say that I’m perfect or 100 percent consistent with all the images I post here, as the quality of my images (execution and/or post-production) continues to have peaks and valleys in my eyes. You may (or may not) see it yourself, but there are times when I kinda cringe about posting a photo — but decide to go ahead anyway, either because it’s central to the post that I want to share, or I figure it’s okay to be human and show others that it’s okay to share less-than-stunning imagery.

      I’m continually reading, researching, trying out new techniques, and attempting to improve my work on a daily basis. I’m a very early riser (typically 4:00 am without any need for an alarm) and usually spend a minimum of an hour or more per day working on images.

      It also helps that I’m blessed with a spouse that supports my hobby of choice and the amount of time that I dedicate to it. Not only that, she keeps an eye open for potential shooting opportunities and helps me with subjective post-processing decisions.

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    2. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      And you as well!

      By the way, you two keep up the science! My wife is a career bench scientist — a seriously hardcore science geek. She’s been at it now for 30-years and does microscopic particle analysis at the atomic level. I couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishments. Just Google “Cynthia Zeissler” and you’ll find her.

      If you have any questions to direct to her, let me know and I’ll get you in contact with her.

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    3. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      I figured as much, that’s why I made the offer. 🙂

      We’re big believers of science and technology, and you’ll find that sprinkled throughout the posts that I have here on my site. Here’s just a taste: https://exploratorius.us/?s=jet+engines

      My dad, who weighs in on occasion, is also hardcore science; he was a nuclear engineer for decades. So between the two of them — if the girls have questions — go to my About page (https://exploratorius.us/about/), scroll down to the “Contact me” section and submit a comment in the form. That’ll trigger a message that’ll be sent to me privately via email and I can get either of them to respond back you privately via email.


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