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Feeling Pretty Small

The stars come out -- Bear Rocks, West Virginia (October 2015)Sony a6000 + Sony 10-18mm/4.0 ASPH

The stars come out — Bear Rocks, West Virginia (October 2015)
Sony a6000 + Sony 10-18mm/4.0 ASPH

This is a 30-second exposure, with the camera simply placed on the roof of our vehicle for the shot.  I need to do more of these.

UPDATE: I finally found my notes on how to post-process star field images, so here you go.

28 thoughts on “Feeling Pretty Small

  1. Maia Blessings

    Small yes … but how Magnificent that we are part of ALL that n so much more ❤

    Not sure if you get the auroras where you are .. but the Magnetic storms hitting us today and for the next 2- 3 days will be strong enough to be seen much further south than normal .. so maybe you can capture some 🙂


  2. kasturika

    In the cities with so much pollution, we hardly even see the bright stars. Last month we visited a wildlife reserve and stayed just outside the forest. And the night sky was such a treat! Love this picture 🙂


  3. Faraday's Candle

    We go outside and look at the wonder that is the Universe and feel pretty small yet special. That is because we are able to recognize the wonder of it all! Awesome photo like always!


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      That’s the same for us; there’s either too much light contamination, too much humidity, too many clouds, or whatever. We only get the clear skies when we get away from the big city.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      It’s difficult to do so near where we currently live due to all the light contamination. We have to get away from the big city for good nighttime shooting conditions and are only able to do so infrequently.

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  4. Larry McGraw

    I wondered if my monitor was failing when I saw some of the lights had tails. Then I saw the timed exposure. The earths rotation gave the near objects long tails and the more distant ones shorter tails. My monitor must be OK.


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