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Apollo 16 — Plum Crater, Station 1


“David Harland has assembled the portion of the pan showing the isthmus between Flag and Plum, with the Rover in the background, Charlie at the right, and the boulder in the foreground.” — Photo credit: NASA

I can’t speak for others, but I absolutely LOVE seeing all of these old NASA images getting new life breathed into them, some of which are just downright stunning.  Click on the image to read the specifics of what the lunar walkers doing at the time of the exposure, and you can click here to read the transcript of their radio transmissions with Houston.

And anyone trolling about the moon shots being faked gets banned from this site.

4 thoughts on “Apollo 16 — Plum Crater, Station 1

  1. Robin S. Kent

    I remember those days and had the good fortune of living in Florida at the time. We watched several of the Apollo launches go up from about 3 miles away, close enough to feel the shock wave of the engines at liftoff. Good to see these images, there surely are a lot of them to look at in those links. Thanks for the post.


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