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Back on Facebook

Madison Valley (my Facebook cover photo) -- Southwest Montana (September 2014)Leica M3 + Kodak BW400CN + Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 ASPH II

Madison Valley (my Facebook cover photo) — Southwest Montana (September 2014)
Leica M3 + Kodak BW400CN + Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 ASPH II

From the very get-go, I’ve had an uneasy relationship with Facebook; if you want to connect with people — especially close friends and family — Facebook is truly the place to be.  However, I feel that Zuckerberg and company run it like a bunch of spoiled oligarchs, which requires constant readjustment of the privacy settings that they keep changing… and I hate that.  I’m also not keen on being harvested for data that is then sold globally… and I especially hate that (grrrrrr).

I know, I know… if I’m so uneasy with it, why did I return to Facebook (yet again) after being away for a year or so?  Ummm.  Our cat… Nala.  Yeah, it was all HER fault.  She’s currently not in the room with me, so I’m completely free to blame her for absolutely everything.  Blue sky?  Nala’s fault.  Deer crashes into the car and totals it?  That would be Nala again (we really need to keep her deer chasing in check).

Seriously though, the people whom I want to connect to the most?  They rarely communicate to me via email anymore, much less via the phone — and letter writing (even Christmas cards) is pretty much long dead for the majority of them.  I thought there would be more frequent — and more detailed — communication with them on my WordPress site, but that has proven to be a pipe dream.  All the while, Cindy kept sharing her Facebook timeline with me, showing me all the news from friends and family that I was missing… coaxing me… nudging me…  (as I finally sigh and slump my shoulders in defeat against Boss-level powers of persuasion).

So — after the fourth or fifth time of leaving Facebook — am I back permanently?  I’m not saying yes, but I’m also not saying no.  If I get fed up again (and it’s bound to happen), I think I’ll just grit my teeth and go quiet for a while — without deleting my account for the umpteenth time.

43 thoughts on “Back on Facebook

  1. Cedric de Alicoque

    Facebook? A strange place. Just to comment on your story, I have FB just to browse how family is doing and I do follow a couple of pages that interest me. The rest of “me” it is on WordPress or on Google+. Why? Reasons are many, too many to write about. Hope you last long at FB!


  2. Robyn G

    Such a funny post and I wholeheartedly agree and share your pain and have recently myself just become ‘active?’ again.. under duress I suppose.
    good luck navigating the fb minefield 😛


  3. dianaed2013

    It is a shame that you really have to think what you include on Face Book. But it is also a great pity that people don’t write via snail mail. In hte future no letters to give people an insight into social history of to hold the letter held by the sender We live in a stark world in many ways??

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    1. Gypsy Bev

      That is the whole key to enjoying Facebook. Learn to use the “hide” and “delete” buttons. It’s actually a good and quick way to communicate with friends.


  4. Keith Channing

    Were it not for the connections with family and friends, I think I, too, would have abandoned facebook long ago. It is becoming daily more difficult to find the wheat among the chaff.
    There certainly isn’t room in my life to spend time on the likes of twitter, google+ and pinterest.


  5. kinneret

    Love your photo here, beautiful. Overall, FB is a waste of time and has only been good for getting back in touch with some old friends. I can’t post any opinions either in general since unpopular. Then my Dad of course told me be careful what you say, employers are watching. Meanwhile FB is ever trying to get us to interact more, share more, so they can sell us. When you think about it, if FB and other social media didn’t exist we would be doing more letter writing and social calling. When I was in college, I wrote 20-page letters to a friend in Europe, once a week.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author


      Your Dad is right; I never post anything on my WordPress site or on FB that my employer would take issue with. In fact, I generally steer well away from things that stir up controversy; if I want to discuss those subjects, I do so only in person these days.

      I, too, used to write letters prolifically. But that died away in time as the responses back dwindled to nothing.


  6. Katie Bradshaw

    1+ your comments, especially the bit about not sending snail mail as much, since so we few people write back. I used to love getting Christmas cards, and now I’m lucky if I get a photo card (unsigned) stuffed in an envelope. I loathe what FB represents, but without it, I cannot communicate as effectively. It frightens me, frankly. Also, when I stop posting for a couple of days, my mom gets worried and calls me.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Completely agree on all counts.

      I wonder what future generations will think when they find that all the art, communication, and culture of our time period has petered away into nothingness because we relied upon electronic media and didn’t make hard copies before the hardware failed.


  7. LDG luciledegodoy

    I totally side with you. I’m still there for the same reasons. To avoid all the changes on privacy I simply don’t post anything there except my blog posts.
    I just cannot grasp why people need to share so much about what they do, eat and shop…I am not interested in it at all.


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