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While Waiting for a Loved One

National Airport -- Alexandria, Virginia (December 2014)Leica M3 + Kodak Portra 400 + Leica Summilux 21/1.4 ASPH

National Airport — Alexandria, Virginia (December 2014)
Leica M3 + Kodak Portra 400 + Leica Summilux 21/1.4 ASPH

Taken last year as I waited for Cindy’s flight to arrive. Of all the people we know and work with, I don’t know of any others that go to greet their spouse back from travel anymore. If at all possible, I always take her to the airport and pick her up when she returns home. I’ll even greet her with flowers on occasion.

10 thoughts on “While Waiting for a Loved One

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Oh yeah, you know it. For most other people around here, it’s an issue of conflicting priorities — work, kids, extracurricular activities, chores, etc. The DC region is known for being a place that burns people out.


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