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Imagecraft Bootcamp — Electric Blue

Holiday window displays -- Washington, DC (December 2015) Sony RX1R II + Zeiss 2.0/35mm

Holiday window displays
Washington, DC (December 2015)
Sony RX1R II + Zeiss 2.0/35mm

Happy holidays to you and yours!  This is Mitch, your host for the series.

One of the things that has kept me frantically busy this year during the lead up to Christmas was six long days of computer training down in Washington, DC last week.  I was out of the hotel room everyday by 6:30 am, and back about 12-hours later; however, I had my camera with me the entire time and was able to grab some images during the meal breaks.  As a result, I have a lot of pre-sunrise and post-sunset urban images that I don’t normally get an opportunity to take.  And — as always — I was on the prowl for color, texture, and composition opportunities that happen to catch my eye.

What does it look like in your area during this time of year?

Here is my before and after comparison of this image, using the techniques that I shared with you in earlier posts:

If you have some time on your hands, your challenge this week is to come up with an interesting image from wherever you happen to find yourself this holiday season.

Once you’ve finished, be sure to include “#photo101rehab”, “#photorehab”, and “#imagecraftbootcamp” with your normal tags — and if you wish to submit it to our Flickr group, you’ll need to join us there prior to doing so.

Reminder:  If you want me to tackle one of your throw-away images, but you’re reluctant to comment or post publicly (I completely understand), or want to contact me (Mitch) directly, just go to my About page — which you can find here — and send me a message via the feedback form in the “Contact me” section.  That will launch an email directly to my personal Inbox (sorry, I don’t publish that in the clear due to all the spam I get as it is) and we can communicate and work out the details that way.

For those readers that want to review the older Imagecraft Bootcamp posts, just click here.

Good luck, and see you next Wednesday!

12 thoughts on “Imagecraft Bootcamp — Electric Blue

  1. Zbyszek

    Radość i szczęście, zdrowie i pomyślność, to najserdeczniejsze życzenia, jakie można złożyć. Takie też właśnie przesyłam. A do tego, wiele, wiele ciepła każdego dnia, rodzinnej rodzinnej atmosfery na co dzień i ciągłej obecności bliskich. To dzięki nim czujemy się dobrze i bezpiecznie, niech więc Cię to nigdy nie opuszcza.:)


  2. LDG luciledegodoy

    Hi Mitch, it’s been hectic times there and over here and we haven’t communicated anymore.
    Hope you and Cindy are enjoying a peaceful holiday period.
    I wish you both and your loved ones a healthy and joyful 2016.

    PS: I’m leaving tomorrow and will be back around the 18/01, and may only have scheduled posts.


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