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My Best Images From 2015


My, what a year!  It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in 2015, and yet here we are about to bid it adieu.

Here — in no special order — are the very best images I have to offer you, from the thousands that I captured during the course of the past twelve months.  They include both digital and film photographs, both color and monochrome — from rangefinder film cameras, various film and digital point-and-shoots, and iPhones (the specifics are in the captions of each image).

For those that are interested in how my photography has progressed over the past couple of years, my best images from 2014 can be found here and those from 2013 can be found here.


35 thoughts on “My Best Images From 2015

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  2. Jim Grey

    Your work involving building interiors is always super strong. I love the crisp detail and contrast you get. But I think my favorite of these images is the one inside the subway. I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn to symmetrical subway shots like that. I follow a fellow on Instagram who shoots b/w subway shots all over Russia.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words, Jim.

      I think part of the draw for me on architectural shots is that I did a huge amount of mechanical and architectural drafting — both two-point perspective and three-point perspective — while in design school and during my early years as a pro, and I still love shooting buildings from as many intriguing angles as I can come up with.

      You’ll see more in 2016! 🙂


  3. hajanlet

    Love the light trail photo. I’m not quite sure how you get a shot to look like that. I’m guessing long exposures, maybe multiple shots and hand-held? Anyway, 2015 looked to be a good year for you. It’s a great collection of photos. May you continue to be doing so well this year. 🙂


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Haha — that one? It’s a single-shot exposure on film, captured at f/22 in the early morning light (I think it was about 1 second or so in length), handheld at the top of my steering wheel as I was driving to work.

      Those bright tiny yellow dots are a bunch of small Christmas lights mounted on a long fence that I drove past, as I turned through a bend in the road. The yellow curves to the lower left of the frame are the double-yellow lane markers in the middle of the road, and the red squiggle lines to the left of the frame are the tail lights of the car ahead of me.

      The reason you don’t see more streaking with the tiny yellow lights is because they were on AC current, and the on-off power cycles are illustrated here as little dots.

      At any rate, thank you for stopping by and commenting, and Happy New Year to you as well!

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