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Imagecraft Bootcamp — Farewell for Now

Looking toward Calvert Bay -- Ridge, Maryland (March 2015)Leica M3 + Arista 100 + Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 ASPH III

Looking toward Calvert Bay — Ridge, Maryland (March 2015)
Leica M3 + Arista 100 + Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 ASPH III

This is Mitch, your host for the Imagecraft Bootcamp series.  I know it seems like we were just getting off the ground here, but I’ve found myself at odds with a climbing number of priorities over the past couple of months and something has to give.  Unfortunately, this is the one that I’m going to stand-down from and put into mothballs for now.

Does this mean it’s the end?  I honestly don’t know.  My other list of priorities has grown to be at least a year or two in length; we have a major house renovation effort that is just beginning and I shudder to think of the list, sub-lists, and sub-sub-lists that go along with that.

I will still be doing my regular daily image posts, if you care to view them — but I simply don’t have enough time in each week now to put together a worthy Bootcamp post.

To those of you that participated, thank you for joining us.  To everyone that likes taking photographs — good light.

15 thoughts on “Imagecraft Bootcamp — Farewell for Now

  1. sustainabilitea

    I completely understand, Mitch. I love reading, commenting on , and learning from other people’s blogs as well as doing my own, but time isn’t virtual and there’s only so much of it. All the best with your projects and real life.


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  2. andy townend

    The time you spent doing this was appreciated by us all, and yes, wonderful as it is to be part of this blogging community, the pull of the real world is strong…good luck with your endeavours!


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