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Digital vs. Film Redux


Here are both the images from the earlier post this morning, completely reworked in post-processing to get them as similar as possible — the same approximate cropping (the film lens is wider, so you’ll note that the same cropping results in a narrower frame), same approximate colors (the film is truer to the actual color rendition and not as blue).

Above are the images straight from each camera (digital on the left and film on the right), with no post-processing yet applied.  Below are the same images (digital on the left and film on the right) after post-processing.

Now which do you prefer and why?

16 thoughts on “Digital vs. Film Redux

  1. Ray Laskowitz

    Film. But, I always like film better. It’s about the feel. Even though you worked the film image in post, it still feels more organic. It’s brighter and warmer. As I get older, the feel and sense of place have become more and more important to me.


  2. Gypsy Bev

    I like the digital better as it seems more real. The film after enhancement seems almost mystical – not at the eye would normally see. But the enhancement on the digital did give a brighter true color.


  3. Stephen Lewis

    Definitely the film image. It is more open in the foreground and the vegetation is more painterly and luminous. The warmer color temperature adds emotion to the scene and life to the foreground. The slight magenta cast brings out the bark of the trees at the right of the image. Yesterday, I was one of the commenters who wrote that the digital image could be processed to look more like the film one — I stand corrected!

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  4. Erick Photo

    I prefer the film one but I would remove more magenta cast on the background. You could also make the digital a little brighter and add more yellow to your greens. That’s just my opinion


  5. A // W // F

    This is just fascinating … And I’m going to completely rock the boat and say that without thinking too hard about it, I instantly gravitate toward the unedited film version. (Really).

    And now to sit here and ponder why … 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your expertise and your beautiful, thoughtfully composed work!


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