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Old School Big Iron

No. 5300, "President Washington" -- B&O Railroad Museum, Maryland (May 2016)Leica M7 + Leica Summilux 21/1.4 ASPHKodak Portra 400 + C-41 commercial processing

No. 5300, “President Washington” — B&O Railroad Museum, Maryland (May 2016)
Leica M7 + Leica Summilux 21/1.4 ASPH
Kodak Portra 400 + C-41 commercial processing

2 thoughts on “Old School Big Iron

  1. Anne Mehrling

    Your photo caught my husband’s eye as he walked behind me.

    “Where is that?” he wanted to know. I scrolled down, and he said, “Right. I knew I recognized that engine.”


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