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When the Clouds Swirl

Vistas while driving -- Riverton, West Virginia (June 2014)Leica M 240 + Leica Tri-Elmar 16/4.0 ASPH

Vistas while driving
Riverton, West Virginia (June 2014)
Leica M 240 + Leica Tri-Elmar 16/4.0 ASPH

12 thoughts on “When the Clouds Swirl

  1. krwilliamsonphoto

    Hi Mitch – Very nice image! I can imagine driving through the mountains and looking up and seeing the clouds saying gee I have to stop and make a few frames of this before it goes bye bye. I know I have done that a few times.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Oh, you know it. I do that all the time; sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s Cindy telling me that I need to stop — but we stop and smell the flowers very frequently while out and about.


    1. Meghan Capps

      In Monroe County we like the fire tower trail on Peters Mountain up to watch for the hawks. In Greenbrier County the Greenbrier State Forest has wonderful trails as well as the Greenbrier River Trail. Both of those sustained some flood damage but have been restored since I believe. In the Greenbrier forest I recommend Kate’s Mountain. That trail combines a few of the smaller ones into a loop.


    2. Meghan Capps

      The fire tower on Peters mountain I recommend the fall because that’s when the hawk migration occurs. Greenbrier forest is gorgeous in all seasons but in early spring you get the best views at the top of Kate’s mountain before the leaves really grow in


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