Old School Film Hack

Race Against Sol

Last rays of sunlight Southwestern Montana (October 2016)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

Last rays of sunlight
Southwestern Montana (October 2016)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

10 thoughts on “Race Against Sol

    1. Son of a Sailor

      Your stuff is really good. I’ve done a lot of stuff in life,,,used to follow a photographer’s work in magazines who would have gone on to greatness and his stuff still gets premium prices, we have a few prints, but he and his wife passed away flying together. His name was Galen Rowell and there’s a gallery of his in Bishop, Ca. Some of your stuff reminds me a lot of his-


    2. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thank you very much.

      Galen Rowell has been someone I’ve always admired — both for his body of work that he left behind and his work ethic while he was alive. To be compared to him — if even a small amount — does me a great honor. Again, thank you kindly.


    3. Son of a Sailor

      Mitch, I got to see him speak (I think) when I was doing a lot of climbing and selling climbing gear. Then 20 years later I discovered his gallery and store quite by mistake but it’s nearly an annual trip through Bishop, Ca to see if I can afford any of it. I would love to seem more of your work on here after your break-


    4. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      I had no idea his gallery was located in Bishop. The last time I went through there, I stopped a couple blocks down at the Looney Bean for espresso. Gahhhhhh!

      I’ve already posted a new image if you want to check it out. I won’t be posting daily anymore (except perhaps on rare occasions), but a weekly posting doesn’t seem to difficult.


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