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Going Dark

The solar terminator approaches Southwestern Montana (October 2016)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

The solar terminator approaches
Southwestern Montana (October 2016)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

Long time readers will know that I have been posting daily — or more often — since October 2010.  After migrating from Google’s Blogger platform to WordPress in April 2013, I had to do a lot of clean-up (flushing over 1,500 posts in the process) and decided to make as much of the content here as original as possible, principally from my photography.

I’ve now reached a point where I need to take a break from posting new content daily and concentrate on other things instead.

Will I return?  I have no idea at the present… but I do thank you, gentle readers, for visiting my site over the past many years, spending some time viewing my images, and commenting when you felt compelled to do so.  Thank you so very much; you have no idea what it has meant to me.

Au revoir!

54 thoughts on “Going Dark

    1. Kathy D

      I get it! But, with you saying you needed to re-evaluate, I realized that I probably have not said THANK YOU (other than the “like” button) for the beautiful (and inspirational) images that you present. Again, THANK YOU…your photos make me try harder with my own camera.


    2. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      You’re very welcome, Kathy — and thank you for your kind words.

      I know a lot of people click on the “like” button with good intentions, but it delivers none of the impact that an actual comment does. So thank you as well for interacting with me here; it means a lot!

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  1. Anne Mehrling

    I am torn, Mitch. I’ve enjoyed your posts very much, but I can certainly understand the need for an end to that pressure. Take a nice break and think about posting occasionally. Please? Pretty please? Best of luck, whatever you decide. Seeing your photos has been pure joy.


  2. Mary

    Thank you Mitch for sharing your incredible photography over the years – your talent for seeing what translates so well for the viewer is incredible. We hope one day you come back and continue to share. I know how exhausting the commitment to blogging can be ~ best wishes to you and yours. Take care and enjoy!


  3. David

    It is said everyone learns through observation. I did my share of learning from your photowork in addition to enjoying it very much. A little bit of an inexpensive master’s class. 🙂

    Best of wishes in you, your wife and your kitties. Stay well.


  4. Stephen Lewis

    I’ve gotten tremendous enjoyment from your daily postings and have learned very much from your magnificent sense of composition, your technical mastery, and the consistency of your style. The energy and time you put into your photography and postings are obvious and command respect. Thanks so much, you will be missed. PS. An afterthought: Rather than shutting down completely, why not post a single photo and a few words once each month?


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thanks, Stephen. I just needed a break and some time to think. I plan to now post something when I feel like it, and not because I have an internal command to do so.


    2. Stephen Lewis

      Excellent news! And an excellent decision to make you blog an extension of yourself and your rhythm, rather than an obligation. I took forward to seeing more of your work, regardless of the intervals between postings.


  5. azpictured

    Hope you’ll be back. I confess I’m having trouble keeping up with reading all the fine posts on blogs I follow, let alone writing my own posts. So I may have been mainly a clicker not a commenter, but I’ll still miss your posts. Hopefully you’ll come back ever now and then.


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