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Partially Opaque

555 12th Street, N.W.Washington, DC (December 2016)Sony RX100 III + Zeiss Sonnar 1.8-2.8/24-70mm

555 12th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC (December 2016)
Sony RX100 III + Zeiss Sonnar 1.8-2.8/24-70mm

Architecture has always been a big draw for me.

I hesitate to call it “my passion” because that phrase always sounds so fake whenever I hear it… but the truth is that  I’ve always loved seeing buildings and exploring the structures of them, enjoyed examining their construction and materials, and figuring out how they’re designed.  It probably helps that I was heavy into mechanical and architectural drafting back when I was in high school, and built high-end architectural models professionally for several years.

Even so, I expect that I would still enjoy buildings and continue taking photos of them, as I did on this recent trip to Washington, DC.  Every time I come here I try to do a photowalk through the downtown area, and not just through the Federal buildings with all of their classical architecture.  DC has such an amazing variety of building designs that it’s always a pleasure for me to visit.

14 thoughts on “Partially Opaque

  1. Marcus

    I share your dislike of the word ‘passion’. If I say I have a passion for photography, I feel like I should be licking my camera or something. I like the photo of the building. Did you tone it slightly? Or should I have my monitor calibrated . . . . ?


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Bwahahahaha!!! That’s the same way I feel. There are a lot of overused words these days, and that’s certainly one of them.

      Yes, the photo has been heavily post-processed (I wanted to make the nearly blown-out interiors visible, emphasize the reflective sheen on all of the exterior windows, while adding contrast and drama to the rest) and has had a custom split-tone applied to it.


  2. Francis.R.

    Passion sometimes is an uncomfortable word for me as well because in it not always exists the love. So instead of a feeling it can mean an obsession.
    i love the classical lines of the geometry, going towards the sky in elegant symmetries. : )


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