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Kitteh Update

Autumn at her "who... me?" bestCentral Maryland (February 2017)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

Autumn at her “who… me?” best
Central Maryland (February 2017)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

I’ve had several people enquire about our two Maine Coon cats that we welcomed into our home a little more than a year ago.  How are they doing?  Perfectly fine, thank you very much.  How are we doing in comparison?  Whew, what a loaded question.

As rambunctious young kitties go, they are full of vim and vigor.  Autumn is the sleek, slinky, high-strung, high-maintenance Lamborghini… while Terra is the calm, affable, loves-everybody, sturdy Peterbilt.  Being sisters from the same litter, they are quite different — though both are endearingly sweet and engaging.

Autumn is the type of cat that will dodge a hand coming in for a pet, until the hand has been properly sniffed and been determined to be devoid of food (she’s quite the chow hound), while Terra loves a good petting session and rolls on her back to demand gentle belly scratches.  Autumn is a ferocious toy killer, while Terra loves chasing a laser dot.  Autumn falls from heights (even low ones) all the time, while Terra is the accomplished trapeze artist.

Terra... accomplice or innocent bystander?Central Maryland (February 2017)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

Terra… accomplice or innocent bystander?
Central Maryland (February 2017)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

If this is painting up a picture of domestic tranquility, well…  I’ll let you be the judge — especially with the scene below.

Über-saturated fountain pen inkCentral Maryland (February 2017)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

Über-saturated fountain pen ink
Central Maryland (February 2017)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

This is just one example of the frequent “fun” we deal with, in this case — Autumn being clumsy (the clumsiest cat I think I’ve ever known) and knocking a sealed glass bottle of fountain pen ink onto the floor, causing the plastic lid to split open, and the contents to go everywhere.  Thankfully our floors are varnished (the floor in this room was covered in thick shag carpeting when we bought it) and we have bleach.  Lots of it.

The remediation resultsCentral Maryland (February 2017)iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

The remediation results
Central Maryland (February 2017)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

So no harm, no foul.  Autumn only got the tiniest hint of ink on her toe beans before I hustled her out of the room, and the glass didn’t shatter.  Terra was also in the room, but she’s the super-careful one, and she never leaves behind the trail of destruction that seems to follow Autumn.  Or if she does, she’s careful to make Autumn out to be the fall guy.

We’re thoroughly besotted with them and can’t imagine our lives being without loving kitties now.

23 thoughts on “Kitteh Update

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Thanks. That’s a good idea, and it just so happens that they’re going in for their latest round of innoculations on Monday — so we’ll get that checked at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      The vet’s verdict is that she’s just too intent and impatient to bother with being careful, which describes her to a tee. Maybe she’ll get more cautious as she matures, but not for now.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Lol! I suspect that Autumn would have done the same if I had been later on the scene. As it turned out, I heard the crash and was in the room within seconds after it happened.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      You’re very welcome, Julie! They are very special little creatures; very different from other cats we’ve had in the past; a lot more dog-like in their behavior.

      They love companionship with people and follow us from room to room, keeping an eye on us, and supervising whatever we’re doing. As I type this on my laptop at the kitchen table, Terra is on her own chair and tightly curled up against my left side, while Autumn is also on her own chair and partially draped across my right side.

      Bliss! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. CharityGoodwinUS

    Cats are such precious animals. I enjoyed your blog on your coon cats. I, myself, have had the special enjoyment of owning coon cats and I remember them with muchfond affection. They are actually quite intelligent. I am a professional artist and I have used cats, those that were my own and those that belonged to others, as models for some of my artistic productions. Their natural behaviors and general grace always provided interesting attitudes and scenes for my work in portraits. Good luck with your future blogs and your wonderful pets. CharitygoodwinUS.com

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