Old School Film Hack

Lucky Little Hopper


A friendly toad
Central Maryland (June 2017)
iPhone 6S + 29/2.2

There’s nothing quite like the chill of seeing movement down by your feet just after passing over a patch of lawn that you thought was clear of any critters.  And so it was with this little guy, who hopped over to the side of this utility cover in our yard right after our electric push-mower whooshed over the top of his hiding place.

When did this occur?  About twenty minutes before posting this image.  I checked him/her carefully to make sure he/she was okay, then let him/her wander off, while I went inside to post-process the image and cool down from the heat for a bit.

We rarely see toads or frogs in our yard anymore; this is the first large toad we’ve seen in over three years (the last one can be seen here), so we always keep an eye peeled for them while we’re doing yard work.

14 thoughts on “Lucky Little Hopper

  1. paula graham

    glad he survived the mowers, Nice shot of your toad.. Love toads, frogs, etc lots. For years did a ‘frog’ watch and have picked up from a lane and taken to nearby lake thousands of mainly toads. One year there was an explosion of millions of tiny black toads having left the water to start life on land. The fruits of our labours!! Only 4 in a thousand make it to adulthood.


    1. Mitch Zeissler Post author

      Poor critters… only 4 in a 1,000. Those are bleak odds.

      We used to see massive clumps of frog and/or toad eggs in various places during our wanderings, but no more. I think it’s been over a decade since we last saw a bunch. Haven’t seen any pollywogs either.


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