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My Best Images From 2016

Dupont Circle -- Washington, DC (August 2014)Contax T + Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8Kodak T-Max 100 + Commercial monochrome processing

Dupont Circle
Washington, DC (August 2014)
Contax T + Zeiss Sonnar 38/2.8
Kodak T-Max 100 + Commercial monochrome processing

Adieu 2016.  We hardly knew ye…

Here — in no special order — are the very best images I shared with you during the past twelve months.  They include digital and film photographs, both color and monochrome — from rangefinder film cameras, various film and digital point-and-shoots, and iPhones (the specifics are in the captions of each image). Continue Reading →

My Best Images From 2014


Here are the very best images I have to offer you, from the 5,000+ that I captured during the course of the past twelve months.  They include both digital and film photographs — all from high-end rangefinder cameras, various film-based point-and-shoots, and iPhones (the specifics are in the captions of each image).

For those that are interested in how my photography has grown since last year, here are my best images from 2013.



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My Best Images From 2013


20130302-02044Here they are…

The very best I have to offer, from over 4,000 photographs that I captured over the past twelve months.

Enjoy, and be sure to click on any of the photos to see a larger version with enhanced detail! Continue Reading →

Boatyard studies


Dreaming and learning


It’s a reality – one that I never thought would happen so long as Cindy and I were married together.  We are going to buy a sailboat.  More specifically – a sailing catamaran.  We don’t yet know the exact date we’ll be making the purchase, but right now – if our savings rate matches what we expect it to be in the weeks and months to come – it looks like we may be placing an order for a brand new boat in the late spring of 2012.  This road has been surprising.  Cindy sailed small boats as a kid in Annapolis and liked it, but wasn’t infatuated with it.  After we got married she was still slightly interested in sailing, but only as a distant observer and maybe a one-time rental. Continue Reading →

Foggy photo walk — Part 2


The second part of my photo walk was down around the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial, while there was still some fog left to offer some atmosphere. The neat thing about getting down to the National Mall before 10:00 AM is the utter lack of crowds.  I had the entire Tidal Basin to myself for most of an hour before other early birds began filtering in. This truly is the way to experience the monuments… the only sound was whatever I produced with my walking, the camera shutter and the distant calls of birds outside. Continue Reading →

A walking tour of the Star-Spangled Sailabration in Baltimore


This past Thursday we traveled over to Baltimore to visit the Tall Ships participating in Maryland’s Star-Spangled Sailabration, which continues through this coming Tuesday.  The Sailabration is simply Maryland’s rebranding of OpSail 2012, which is scheduled to next arrive in Boston (6/30-7/5) and then New London (7/6-7/8). Continue Reading →